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If you do digging up, I came upon enough evidence to feel Magic Seo Bot Receives a first page listing from s search engines Not a chance PPC Free Trial MagicSeoBot There have been several reported cases of exact same pages being in Google index or more repetitions because they were based on with different cases web browser. ABC.htm, abc.htm, Abc.htm see this post. The reason behind the problem, as maybe you have guessed, is Microsoft’s absurdity towards web standards. ‘microsoft’ servers are set through in opposition to the online standard on case awareness in which ABC.htm

is different from xyz.htm. google serp data ignores the case different and gives associated with the request to drastically incorrect file. My site is undoubtedly on a Windows Server, how bad is people are flocking Well, it’s not in order to ‘bring down the internet’ as some lammers nicely suggest, but there are usually issues that need turn out to be addressed. IIS’s choice to disregard case sensitivity means motors like google which are case personal will index the the same content for different Web addresses. It’s very unlikely a website would be Plr Looking for Content with out having Strings Over PLR Information Available FreePlrArticle penalized when it comes to this, but it would definitelly impair your online site’s ability to rank surely.

It makes it for example difficult for the repetitive page to rank basically for the terms the house targets. This is main an issue if there are 2 or more links thing to the same URL from a different case. You ought to avoid this problem from always using lowercase within your link tags, but control it . stop other websites attaching into the same Web page link in capital letters in order that something must be reached on the server so that you can deal with this main issue. How can I fix it I can more or less picture you URL Spin Junkies jumping up additionally down with the substitute on your hands, although as we all know, URL Rewrite is an attribute only available to enough webservers, nothing you’d be prepared to see in IIS.

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